Welcome to the manufacturer of LaDot Cosmetics

Unique s​ystem...

If you enjoy decorating your skin with fun designs, but don't want a permanent tattoo, LaDot is for you!

With waterproof body makeup and a handmade stone, you can very easily create a tattoo on your skin.


Our products answers cosmetic directive 1223/2009/CE. 

All products are tested and are dermasoft


Ladot cosmetics is a family owned company since 2002. The goal of LaDot cosmetics is to design a beautiful temporary tattoo product for the outer beauty.

LaDot Cosmetics researches, develops, manufactures and packages its own bodyart products

About the product 

 High pigment density, alcohol based, long lasting 50 - 100 tattoos per bottle

Can be applied with a stone and pad or brush/sponge, the perfect paint for all ages

Made in The Netherlands